The Cost to Connect

July 13, 2014

While small businesses may not think about their Internet connection until the monthly bill arrives or it slows down their productivity (or worse, stops it altogether), they often depend on it. And with President Obama springing his National Broadband Plan into action, high-speed Internet will become even more pervasive throughout every pocket of the country. […]


The Small Business: Journey to the Cloud

July 11, 2014

This awesome infographic tells how Cloud Computing uses the web ,instead of applications and data stored on a single computer terminal or network, cloud services are accessible on the internet in the same manner as online banking and shopping, email and social network sites. For small businesses, cloud computing hits a particular sweet spot. With […]


Technology Trends

July 8, 2014

From one home life and one work life to ONE LIFE. Technologies, tools and trends have shifted the way we live and work. Check this out. Source


Age Structure of Online Population in 2010 – CEE Region

July 1, 2014

This data visualization depicts internet usage by age group in the central and eastern European countries. Source


Internet Statistics

June 26, 2014

Sixty-six hours a month are spent online a month for the average person in the US not including computer time at work. The computer and the internet are widely used tools but many are not even aware of just how widely they are used. This infographic looks at the statistics behind the wonderful world wide […]


What’s Changing Online Behaviour?

June 24, 2014

‘Living with the internet: A Global Study of What’s Driving Web Behaviour’ is a major piece of research conducted by Microsoft Advertising, Mindshare and MEC. It revisits a 2007 study, Context Matters, and explores changing online behaviour to show how digital media consumption has developed.


Damn the Torpedoes, Roll Out the Smartphones!

June 22, 2014

Devices like smartphones, M2M modules, smartgrid meters, medical and automobile electronics already greatly outnumber PCs on the Internet. In our latest 2011 Mobile and Smart Devices Security Survey, technology professionals in a variety of these industries showed increasing awareness of the growing world of connected smart devices—the Internet of Things—and the risks associated with them. […]


Firefox By the Numbers

June 21, 2014

Firefox, the open source phoenix of a web browser that rose from the ashes of Netscape Navigator is now second only to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in adoption and leaves also-rans like Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome in the dust. Users love Firefox for its chameleon like ability to be customized to any use case through […]


Location, Location, Location!

June 19, 2014

Location-based sites are all the rage right now. People love checking into their favorite stores or restaurants to let people know where they are and to receive deals and discounts. Mobile applications have really caught on to this trend and more and more companies are finding ways to factor in location-based apps into their marketing. […]


User Connectivity in WLANs

June 18, 2014

A WLAN visualization Source


What Happens in an Internet Minute?

June 15, 2014

Computing is transforming and touching more people in a wider range of devices. From smartphones to tablets, netbooks and notebooks and even automotive; it can often seem like every one of us is connected. But while it’s hard to miss the proliferation of portable devices, it’s what we don’t see that’s the bigger issue. Source


Gender Gaps in Technology

June 13, 2014

Take on some statistics showing the differences between men and women when it comes to the world of mobile technology, guided by a lovely robot couple. Source