Inventing Across Borders

June 28, 2014

Often, inventions don’t happen in one place, but spring simultaneously from bright minds around the world. This graphic visualizing international collaboration shows the ease with which researchers from different countries can interact. The connections shown here come from applications under the international Patent Cooperation Treaty between 2004 and 2006. Source


A Day In The Life of Skype

April 5, 2014

We thought it would be fun to show some impressive numbers about the typical day on Skype. The vibrancy of Skype – we attribute to all of you, who find that Skype is wonderful, useful, and universal in everyday life. The figure that is most impressive is 700 million minutes of free Skype-to-Skype calls each […]


International SEO

March 11, 2014

If a global online business owner is told that he is only targeting 26% of the world population, that might not be very pleasant to his ears. But, that’s the truth – with more than 74% of the global online community searching in languages other than English. Even in US, more than 40% of the […]

Insider’s Guide to Facebook Marketing

July 28, 2013

Part of Facebook’s draw in being such a transformational media platform for advertisers lies in its global reach. 75% of Facebook’s 800M active users live outside the United States, and the social network supports 70 different languages. Source

The Cost of Care

The Cost of Care

June 16, 2013

The United States spends more on medical care per person than any country, yet life expectancy is shorter than in most other developed nations and many developing ones. Lack of health insurance is a factor in life span and contributes to an estimated 45,000 deaths a year. Why the high cost? The U.S. has a […]

International buzz: Which countries consume most Alcohol
Government Size Worldwide

Government Size Worldwide

March 26, 2013

The Big Government versus Small Government debate has raged for centuries. This map shows the relative sizes of the world’s governments by calculating public spending as a portion of a nation’s GDP. Source

The Highest Global Inflation Rates

The Highest Global Inflation Rates

March 18, 2013

While those of us in the U.S. may complain about the increasing cost of living, many countries in the world have a much higher rate of inflation. While the U.S., Canada, the UK and Spain have inflation rates below 3%, Zimbabwe has the most shocking inflation rate in the world at 12,563%. January 2010 Source

Explore China

Explore China’s Global Reach

March 8, 2013

(Interactive graphic) China has been steadily increasing its foreign investments outside of bonds in recent years. Between 2005 and 2010, it made more than $224 billion in overseas investments and also entered into engineering and construction contracts of more than $94 billion, according to data compiled by The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank in […]


International Travel Restrictions

February 3, 2013

Citizens of countries that are unpopular on the global stage often face great challenges in traveling abroad. Check out this infographic of the countries who residents have the least freedom to travel. Source


US Foreign Aid Spending

January 8, 2013

United States foreign aid spending: How much is spent, what percentage of the budget amounts to what is given in aid, where it goes and what the global impact is. Source

Price of Health

Price of Health

December 12, 2012

With an aging population, healthcare spending in the United States is on the rise. The country gets average marks in life expectancy and number of acute hospital days per capita, but spends substantially more than other countries as a percent of GDP. Fall 2003 Source