Facts About Instagram

April 16, 2014

I like to be online and I love to try new social networks every time I can. During the last six months I have been using Instagram, a fantastic iPhone app that enables the user to to quickly take pictures, apply several different filters, and share it on the service or with a number of […]


Instagram History

January 29, 2014

Instagram’s Growth, Funding, and Biggest Fans Source


All About Instagram

November 24, 2013

Sandbox, an online education community about social technology, wanted to feature the explosive growth of Instagram. We teamed up with Sandbox to showcase the amazing world of Instagram.


Old School Instragram Filters

October 27, 2013

Instagram is a smart phone camera app that allows you to take vintage style pictures. This infographic shows the different types of filters Instagram has, what camera they come from and what the image looks like. Source

Old-School Instagram Filters

Old-School Instagram Filters

June 24, 2013

At 1000memories, we have a particular fondness for old stuff (if you can’t tell by our homepage). That’s why we’ve always liked Instagram. It celebrates the old, vintage aesthetic of the film photos of yore. But there’s a lot of history behind the photo filter that many folks are not aware of—in fact, none of […]

Instagram: Fun Facts

Instagram: Fun Facts

March 27, 2013

An overview of Instagram statistics. Source

Instagram: From Zero to a Billion

Instagram: From Zero to a Billion

December 4, 2012

Track Instagram’s brief but explosive history, from launch in November 2010 to its $1 billion exit to Facebook in April 2012. Source

Brief History of Instagram

Brief History of Instagram

November 4, 2012

A brief history of Instagram to commemorate the occasion of Facebook agreeing to buy it for $1 billion Source

Instagram: The Timeline

Instagram: The Timeline

August 28, 2012

The timeline of a rock star product … up to the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook. Source

What’s Behind the Food Photography Trend?

June 23, 2012

why do people share food photos? Source