Facebook 101

June 12, 2014

Facebook is not just a Website, it is a cultural revolution. Where others like LiveJournal and MySpace came close to worldwide success, Facebook has left them all in the dust with more than 500 million users worldwide. Here is the skinny on this Internet giant. Source


Visuals are Valuable

May 31, 2014

History proves the hypothesis that visuals are valuable. Visualize your information with www.diagrammer.com , a library of over 4,000 PowerPoint-ready diagrams for just 99 cents each. Source


The Digital Marketer Story

April 12, 2014



How Big is the World? (of Cloud Computing)

April 9, 2014

Computer clouds are built on massive data centers. They connect servers and computer systems and are very important. This infographic looks at cloud computing and gives interesting facts and figures about the industry. Source


Big Data, Big Opportunity

April 1, 2014

Would you believe that Fortune 1000 companies could gain $2.01 billion each year in employee productivity if they merely increased usability of their data by 10 percent? As revealed in a research study by the University of Texas at Austin. Source

How Much Data Will Humans Create & Store This Year?

March 19, 2014

If you’ve spent any amount time watching your Facebook or Twitter feed stream by, it should be obvious that the world is creating a lot of data. But because all that data is really just a collection of ones and zeros it can be hard to actually visualize how much is really there. Sure, we […]


Apple Rumors, iPods, Privacy & Video Sharing | WebProNews

February 24, 2014

This infographic shows the most popular infographics that are being searched for on the internet.It could be a periodic table of something or it could be credit crisis visualized with numbers and many other infographics.It could be based on buildings or tube maps of something.Thus there are many interesting things that are being searched on […]


Converging Devices, Connecting Lives

February 16, 2014

As we saw at our recent #ShiftNYC event, the unprecedented amount of information, connectivity, energy and creativity taking place is redefining how we interact in our personal and professional lives. Our home and work lives are converging as technologies, tools and trends have shifted the way we live and work — we’re experiencing a #shift […]


Why is Real-Time Compression Important?

February 7, 2014

The volume of essential data a business must have access to instantly grows daily — one reason why real-time compression is so important. This infographic explains why real-time compression is so important in this era of rapidly changing technology and ever-growing data. Source


The Holiday Shopping Survival Guide

February 6, 2014

More shoppers are arming themselves with smartphones and shopping apps, which may be the single greatest weapon against the hordes of holiday shopping zombies. With Black Friday only a few weeks away more than half of Americans will use their mobile devices this season to assist with their shopping…from researching products and reading reviews, to […]


Performance Reviews

January 22, 2014

Top management still thinks of performance reviews as “time consuming” and employees consider it to be one of the most stressful times of the year. Nobody finds reviews helpful and none of the organizations improve performance based on the results of performance reviews. Source