Banks Are Most Trusted With Personal Data

June 26, 2014

The British public trusts banks more than any other service or industry with their personal information, according to a survey released today. A YouGov poll commissioned by Symantec has revealed 55 percent of UK adults rate banks and building societies as highly trustworthy, but the results are less encouraging for other sectors and services. Source


Moaning about: Reed Job Index

January 9, 2013

Its a bit of the recruitment website where they track the total number of job vacancies listed, and provide information by region, sector and also salary levels, showing what sort of jobs they have more or fewer vacancies for. Its updated monthly, and they produce an annual infographic. Source

The Summer Tan Index

The Summer Tan Index

November 3, 2012

With summer holidays in full swing, we thought it fitting to see where sun-deprived Brits can catch the most rays on their travels, and the most popular countries to visit. Source

2011 Index of Economic Freedom

2011 Index of Economic Freedom

July 13, 2012

The Wall Street Journal and The Heritage Foundation point towards the trends in the US and around the world. What can we learn from this data? Is the country and the world in general heading in the right direction with the economy? Source

World Wellbeing 2011-2012 by

World Wellbeing 2011-2012 by

May 22, 2012

Infographic of World Wellbeing and happiness of users in 2011 Source