Advantages of Our Modular System

July 23, 2014

Our reports combine the advantages of high quality information, developed in collaboration with our professional network, with a very clear illustration of the data. We offer three products with varying “depths” of information in order to match the needs of the HR Manager (HR policy) as well as of the Project Manager (project analysis/preparation). Source

iPhone Apps n’ Store

June 24, 2014

The App Store stats summary from April 4th, 2010 is quite revealing. In the beginning, the first tip-off that Apple was up to something came on December 14th,1999, when Apple purchased the domain, which up through the present day directs visitors to Apple’s main corporate page. Since thattime, Apple has realized some significant growth. […]


Tangherlini Brand Building

May 23, 2014

Il nostro fondamento creativo, singole competenze unite nella costruzione di valore. Source


How to Sell a Home

April 9, 2014

Finding something positive to say about the housing market these days seems impossible, from February’s horrific home sales figures (new home sales fell 16.9% to the lowest level since the government started keeping records in 1963, CNN Money reported, and existing home sales fell 9.6%) to new surveys indicating that economists expect prices will continue […]


Mine Rescue in San Jose

March 19, 2014

THE MIRACLE finally. Gently, not to cause landslides. At eight o’clock yesterday morning (two in the afternoon in Spain), the T-130 tunnel boring machine broke the roof of the workshop where the 33 Chilean miners trapped 66 days ago 700 meters underground. That hole will be rescued in coming days. Source


How 3D Film Technology Works

March 6, 2014

For some people, seeing cool images might be enough. But others might be curious Avatar’s Pandora was brought to life, or how Piranha Fishes looks like to eat you. The answer for both is simple and inordinately complex, depending on your capacity of learning. Source


Marine Minesweepers

February 3, 2014

Wesley Allsbrook created a brilliant modern illustration (below) on a technically challenging topic: cannon rounds that can be fired from helicopters to destroy underwater mines. Source


Apple Product Design: 35 Years of Consumer Electronics

February 3, 2014

When it comes to industrial design, few consumer electronics or computer makers have the legacy or influence of Apple, Inc. In the last 35 years, Apple has introduced a myriad of products and devices, some very successful, some, not so much. Artist Mike Vasilev created this infographic for Mashable, highlighting the major Apple product releases […]


Apple: Success By the Numbers

January 25, 2014

Apple has done pretty well for itself. They’ve seen amazing sales of iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones in the past few years. The original iPod was a huge success for them, paving the way for the iPod touch and the success of the iTunes music store. It’s time to take a look at […]

Final Keyframe From Animated “5″ Project

January 19, 2014

Here’s a proposal for the final keyframe of an animation project with quite a well known software company. Source


SAP CRM Business Communication Management

December 13, 2013

Here is the last in the series of Info-graphics that help to quickly know different functions that are offered. The best source for detailed information is SAP website. Here is an info-graphic on functions of Business Communication Management offered by SAP CRM. Source


Meet iPad’s Competition

December 3, 2013

This infographic was commissioned by Courrier Japon Magazine in Tokyo and is based on the article “The iPad Changes Everything” originally published by Fortune Magazine. It illustrates the introduction of the iPad and how many devices in different markets are now finding themselves in direction competion to the power of the iPad and the Apps […]