Shop Safe On a Black Friday and a Cyber Monday

July 31, 2014

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the biggest shopping days in the United States, with all these transactions it’s important to keep your financial information safe. This infographic shows ten tips on how to protect your identity and financial information during these shopping days. Source

Every Workplace Needs to Reduce Risk of Data Breaches – Including Government Institutions

June 3, 2014

Data breaches are far too common and even government institutions are at risk. A trusted document destruction company can help reduce the risk. Source


Where’s My Phone?

March 19, 2014

These days, our electronic devices are loaded full of personal information. Computers, cell phones: they all contain valuable data about our assets and lives. What happens if we lose such devices or if someone happens to obtain our information? Rather than take the risk of finding out when it’s too late, it may be wise […]


Identity Theft Facts and Figures

March 18, 2014

With the freedom of expression and the ease of information gathering we enjoy with the Internet, there is a dark side to this privilege. Internet crimes are proliferating and can destroy lives. Hacker have been finding more ways to steel identities and use them for personal gain. Check out these shocking facts about online identity […]


Securing Yourself From A World of Hackers

March 5, 2014

In a recent survey by ZoneAlarm 79% of consumers were found to use risky password construction practices. This infographic displays the twenty most common passwords as well as helps with the creation of a password that is hard to crack. Source


Why Fraud is costing businesses over £38 bn a year

January 23, 2014

Explained in this infographic, the what, where, how and why is fraud happening and some of the options available to safeguard busineses and their customers. Source

Online Security Tips for Last Minute Holiday Shoppers 2011

Online Security Tips for Last Minute Holiday Shoppers 2011

August 12, 2013

The Holidays are approaching fast, which means time for online shopping is ticking away. With the hustle and bustle to finish all the people on your list, make sure that you’re not rushing around to the point of purchasing the first item, from the first site that pops up. We compiled an overview of the […]

Medical Identity Theft Rates in America

Medical Identity Theft Rates in America

June 26, 2013

ProtectMyID commissioned a study with the Ponemon Institue about Medical Identity theft across America. Some states did well, others were not to health. Source

Identity Theft

Identity Theft

April 19, 2013

If Clark Kent’s credit information is ever compromised it might just take the efforts of Superman to get things back to normal. Superheros unfortunately don’t exist for us in the real world, but identity theft is all too real. Ignoring the costs of identity theft is a surefire way to invite Kryptonite into your life. […]

Fact vs. Fiction

Fact vs. Fiction

October 13, 2012

Illegal piracy accounts for huge profit losses among American corporations. Yes, at times, it certainly would be easier to download a new song, a movie, or even software off the Internet. However, you might think otherwise if you were a recording artist, movie producer or software developer. Every time someone illegally downloads content, industries lose […]

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

September 16, 2012

ProtectMyID™ is a full-service provider of identity theft detection, protection and fraud resolution. The company provides consumers with products and direction on how to avoid ID theft and how to address it when it happens. ProtectMyID is dedicated to educating consumers about the crime of identity theft and the stories shared here are based on […]