Going Up?

February 5, 2013

What do you do when you wait for the elevator? Do you push the button once and wait patiently? Do you start thinking, “Maybe I didn’t push it hard enough…” and tap it again? Or do you bash repeatedly, like the elevator panel’s a video game controller? The infographic explores how elevator button pushing correlates […]


The Ever Expanding Taste Graph

February 4, 2013

In this infographic by Hunch they explain what the Taste Graph they are building is. It explains how the Taste Graph will work to connect people on the web with their interests and likes in mind. It shows how this program will be built and where all the data will come from. Source

Have You Ever?

Have You Ever?

November 7, 2012

One way Hunch delivers personalized recommendations is through its back of about 2,000 Teach Hunch About You (THAY) questions, which more than 80 million Hunch users have answered in aggregate. A response to a single “Have you ever?” question can shed light on your personality, taste, and other life experiences. Source


That’s What Thay Say

August 13, 2012

This infographic provides information for graphics for the answers to several THAY (teach hunch about you) questions on Hunch.com. Based on the answers, this infographic provides insights and correlations about people and their preferences. Source

Do You Enjoy Casino Gambling?

Do You Enjoy Casino Gambling?

May 30, 2012

The newest THAY of the week looks at a few traits of people who enjoy casino gambling (which about 4 in 10 Hunch users do). To all the gamers out there: do some of these traits describe you? Source