Visual Collaboration Saves the Environment – Let me count the ways to be more environmentally responsible

June 21, 2014

Companies around the globe are increasing their focus on environmental sustainability and looking for new ways to be more environmentally responsible. The companies turning to visual collaboration and videoconferencing solutions are able to decrease travel and, in turn, lessen their environmental impact. But, how much of an effect does this really have? The following infographic […]


Tablet Growth Potential

January 29, 2014

Tablet PCs are nothing new but Apple’s iPad singlehandedly exploded the growth of this PC segment. Based on RBC’s research, 7.24% of the world will own a tablet by 2014. Thats almost 50 million! Source

The Transformation of HP

The Transformation of HP

October 29, 2012

An infographic on HP’s past, present and future in it’s competitive markets. Source