Streaming Killed The Video Star?

July 7, 2014

According to the latest 2011 Nielsen Cross-Platform report, interesting trends are emerging in the realm of video viewership that reflect the growing mobility of Americans today. It raises the question: is online video indeed giving network a run for its money? Source


Boilers and Central Heating Facts

June 16, 2014

Today there are a variety of ways one can choose from to heat their home. This infographic from British Gas and Power highlights some useful facts about boilers and central heat. Source


Home Buyers

June 8, 2014

Here’s our visual summary of the National Association of Realtors’ report home sales in 2011, taken from 5,708 surveys received by the association. A 17-page document with highlights of the report Source


Wireless Security Creates a Smarter, Safer Home

May 27, 2014

With advancements in smart home technology, there are constantly new features released to automate just about any facet of your home and it can be controlled straight from a keypad. When stripped away from all of these features though, these systems are truly lifestyle management tools. From our findings, of all the various types of […]


How to Sell a Home

April 9, 2014

Finding something positive to say about the housing market these days seems impossible, from February’s horrific home sales figures (new home sales fell 16.9% to the lowest level since the government started keeping records in 1963, CNN Money reported, and existing home sales fell 9.6%) to new surveys indicating that economists expect prices will continue […]


Converging Devices, Connecting Lives

March 29, 2014

As we saw at our recent #ShiftNYC event, the unprecedented amount of information, connectivity, energy and creativity taking place is redefining how we interact in our personal and professional lives. Our home and work lives are converging as technologies, tools and trends have shifted the way we live and work — we’re experiencing a #shift […]


Telecommuting Becoming More Prevalent

February 23, 2014

Working from home is on the rise, and more companies are trusting their employees to be more productive in their own home offices than they might be at the workplace. Source


The Rent to Own Vicious Cycle

January 18, 2014

A visualisation of the Barnado’s Vicious Cycle report, showing the high cost of Rent to Own Lenders. Source


Top 10 Cities to Buy vs Rent

December 28, 2013

In this illustration, it will give you the results of Trulia’s analysis, along with some interesting facts on buying versus renting, including the average net worth of home owners compared with that of renters in recent years, from the Federal Reserve Board. Source


iPad Most Popular Internet Device at Home

December 25, 2013

The first international study into the use of the iPad has been carried out by Sanoma. 3,673 users were surveyed in six European countries. Whilst there are many similarities, there are also striking differences. Source


Light bulbs

November 11, 2013

Don’t remain stuck in the dark. Find out what you need to know about lighting. Source

Is the McMansion Era Over?

Is the McMansion Era Over?

September 9, 2013

The average American household size has grown 140% in size from 1950 to 2004. This infographic looks at the average household sizes over the decades and attempts to predict where the household sizes of the future will go. It seems the housing bubble may be in for another burst …