The Rise and Fall of Home Prices

August 1, 2014

Here is an infographic showing the top winners and losers in the housing market pricing game. It shows the top five areas of the country where home prices have fallen. But also the top five areas of the country where home prices have actually gone up. Source


Price of Rent Vs Home Prices

February 8, 2014

WHAT IS CURRENTLY THE BEST REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT: RENT VS. BUY Over the past 3 years, the real estate market has undergone a great deal of change. Home values nationwide have fallen as a result of the housing bubble, and widespread foreclosures have kept prices low and flooded the market with available properties. Source

When Were Homes The Cheapest?

When Were Homes The Cheapest?

March 17, 2013

The real estate market may be all gloom and doom these days, but many people overlook the fact that homes today are simply cheap. If you’ve been waiting to buy when homes are most affordable, is now the time to jump in? This infographic takes a closer look at home prices through the years. Source

Extreme Makeover Home Addition

Extreme Makeover Home Addition

March 14, 2013

Summer is prime time for home renovation projects but these days, with budgets stretched thin and home values in the tank, most home owners are more cautious than ever with their spending. Rightfully so, in most cases: home additions and renovations are hardly an “investment” that will add more value to your house than you […]


Things to Consider When Buying a Home

February 16, 2013

Learn everything you need to know about home-buying in the United States! What are the things that you need to consider when purchasing a home? How much does a median single-family home cost in various cities around the States? Should you buy or rent? What are the most and least expensive cities to buy a […]