2012 Hispanic Mobile Consumer Trends

April 19, 2014

Hispanics are comprised of many races and nationalities, speak several languages and span the socio-economic spectrum. And irrespective of language or national origin, they share many commercially appealing traits: they are younger, open to new brand opportunities, upwardly mobile, and eager to embrace the “American experience”. Source

Examining the Hispanic Community in a Very Small Virginia Town

Examining the Hispanic Community in a Very Small Virginia Town

July 29, 2013

The tiny News Virginian of Waynesboro, Va. — circulation 6,031 — inserted a very interesting — not to mention very well-designed — special section today. Reporter Chase Purdy was kind enough to send me the entire section to share with you. Source


Design: 100-person poll

January 29, 2013

Our News21 team recently conducted a 100-person poll at the May Fair in Bethlehem, Pa, where we asked 100 random Hispanic/Latino attendees whether they identify themselves with “Hispanics” or “Latinos.” Source


Who is the Latino electorate?

January 28, 2013

Every election there is talk of a unified Latino “voting bloc,” implying that there is firm solidarity across many political issues. Contrary to that notion, the Latino electorate is quite nuanced, having a broad range of interests and allegiances. In this series of infographics, the current, past and future Latino electorate is examined. Source


Religion and Politics

January 7, 2013

Although the United States makes sure to separate church and state, people’s religious ideology often ties in with their political ideology. This infographic looks at Catholic Hispanics, Evangelical Hispanics, Secular Hispanics and non-Hispanics and looks at their political ideologies.


Differences between Hispanic men and women

December 22, 2012

Hispanic men and women often have different preferences for the activities they pursue on the Internet. These gender differences are also found in the overall Internet population. Compared to Hispanic women who use the Internet, Hispanic men are more likely to go online looking for news, financial information, sports scores, and product information. Source

The U.S. Hispanic Market

The U.S. Hispanic Market

December 12, 2012

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that as of July 1, 2010, the nation’s Hispanic population had reached 50.5 million, representing 16.3 percent of the total U.S. population of 308.7 million, and making people of Hispanic origin the nation’s largest ethnic or race minority. Hispanics are also the fastest-growing ethnic group, expected to increase in size […]

Data in the U.S. Hispanic Market

Data in the U.S. Hispanic Market

November 2, 2012

Digital Week Burson-Marsteller has provided some of the latest trends and tips in the digital landscape. One of the objectives of the office of Burson-Marsteller in Miami is the growing U.S. Hispanic market. Source

The Macrosegments

The Macrosegments

October 24, 2012

GlobalHue, the nation’s largest multicultural advertising agency, today revealed the results of a new U.S. survey of four major population segments, creating a comprehensive cultural map of a rapidly changing nation and providing marketers with new information on consumers in the New America. Source

TQM! Interactive Marketing & The Hispanic Market

TQM! Interactive Marketing & The Hispanic Market

June 14, 2012

A look at ad purchasing, website property, and the online Hispanic consumer. Source

Cesar Chavez | OC Latino Link

Cesar Chavez | OC Latino Link

May 20, 2012

This infographic shows how the hispanics are the fastest growing demographic in the US. They have a population of nearly 51 million as in 2010.This means that one in every six US resident is a hispanic.Check out the interesting facts given here. Source