Aftermath of the Haiti Earthquake

January 25, 2013

This infographic provides a visual overview of the impact of the earthquake in Haiti. The visual guide gives a perspective for the devastation that hit the country and the efforts to combat it.


Design an Infographic for Haiti

December 27, 2012

Here you will find the submission we received for our latest infographic contest, for which we asked you, our readers, to design an infographic about the earthquake in Haiti. We’ll be announcing the winner next week, so please let us know your thoughts about which piece you like best in the comments or via Twitter. […]


Haiti’s earthquake damage assessed at 120% of their GDP

November 24, 2012

World Bank 2011 year in review: One year after the earthquake in Haiti, the damage was assessed at $7.9 billion, which is 120% of Haiti’s $6.7billion GDP. Source

Haiti Disaster Relief: A Global Effort

Haiti Disaster Relief: A Global Effort

October 18, 2012

Sovereign nations, corporations, and celebrities have all taken the time to make sizable pledges. Source