Bargain Hunters

March 4, 2013

Americans embraced their bargain-hunting traits tighter than ever during the recession, especially when it comes to grocery shopping. After all, food isn’t something you can go without — but where possible, you should seek out bargains to cut down your spending. This infographic looks at grocery store spending (from Whole Foods to Krogers and Trader […]


The Life Of A Paper Grocery Coupon

February 25, 2013

The production of paper grocery coupons destroys 13.62 million trees each year. That breaks down to 1.135 million trees each month – roughly the number of trees it takes to fill New York City’s Central Park twice over. A full breakdown of the lifecycle of a paper grocery coupon is available on this infographic Source


Grocery Coupon Use in America

January 28, 2013

The way we shop and use coupons has changed. No longer do we go to only 1 store for all of our groceries. No longer do only women use coupons. No longer is it necessary to clip and print paper grocery coupons in order to save money. This infographic highlights some interesting stats SavingStar discovered […]


How Seattleites Spend Money on Food

January 20, 2013

The denizens of Seattle pride themselves on shopping and eating at locally owned business, restaurants, and coffee houses. But what are the actual stats? Using data from users reveals some surprisingly non-local trends in Seattleites’ food habits. Source


Anatomy of a Tech-Savy Grocery Shopper

January 10, 2013

ZipList is so excited to share that our mission to spread the love of food and help all those hard-working foodies who do the grocery shopping and meal preparation has come to fruition. This month we reached a big milestone and now have ONE MILLION people discovering recipes and creating shopping lists with ZipList! To […]