The World is Watching: The State of Online Videos

May 1, 2014

The popularity of online video has risen exponentially in recent years. What was once a novelty is now making a daily appearance in our inboxes. But are most people participating directly with the medium or is it still mostly a spectator sport? And who really makes up the Internet’s target demographic? In other words: who’s […]


Technology Use of the Zero to Eight Year Old Set

January 6, 2014

Commonsense Media suggests that television remains dominant in terms of the number of hours consumed by the zero to eight year old group. To give a perspective on this, children under 1 watch more than two-times as much TV and videos as they do reading books or being read to. Source

Pushing Infographics Too Far? The Ford Fusion Competition

Pushing Infographics Too Far? The Ford Fusion Competition

October 10, 2013

The concept of visualization as a medium is great, but how far can information graphics be pushed until it falls off the cliff? The Fusion 41 Competition [] is a recent example of the world of advertising focusing on the visual attraction of data visualization. The competition “amassed a wealth of raw data generated from […]

A True Graphic Artist Resume

A True Graphic Artist Resume

August 11, 2013

In this example, the resume writer has elected to format his document in the form of a business graphics report. Pretty cute, eh? It serves to show off his design skills while also adding a little humor to his resume as well. He pie-charts and graphs his skills and shows his daily routine through the […]

Sleep More. Be Awesome.

Sleep More. Be Awesome.

May 11, 2013

We do a lot of talking around here about how important sleep is. We also jabber on about how we don’t get enough sleep. We may even mention that if we all just slept a little more, we’d be better people. We’d be superstars. We’d be awesome. Well, we recently got together with Julien Smith […]

Aging Infographic Clearly Shows Aging Trends

Aging Infographic Clearly Shows Aging Trends

March 22, 2013

Here is an interesting graphic from Assisted Living Homes. It underscores the fact that the population is indeed aging, that caregiving will increase and that this all costs money. It is a nice dose of reality as we enter the magical holiday season. Source

CSKA with first 8 in RPL

CSKA with first 8 in RPL

March 19, 2013

This image depict a hockey match with goals, assists and penalties Source


Mapping Me infographic by ~Tonliveshere on deviantART

February 1, 2013

This is an infographic that shows the personal interest level of a person who goes by the name Tonliveshere. Source


Moaning about: Reed Job Index

January 9, 2013

Its a bit of the recruitment website where they track the total number of job vacancies listed, and provide information by region, sector and also salary levels, showing what sort of jobs they have more or fewer vacancies for. Its updated monthly, and they produce an annual infographic. Source


Biggest Broadway Hits of All Time

December 30, 2012

Biggest Broadway Shows of All Times Source


An unbalanced society

December 21, 2012

There is (unsurprisingly) very little data about the distribution of wealth in America. There is one source, the Survey of Consumer Finances, sponsored by the Federal Reserve Board, that does provide data starting from 1983. These data suggest that wealth 1 percent of families owns roughly 34.3% of the nation’s net worth, the top 10% […]

Giving Housing a Hand

Giving Housing a Hand

December 9, 2012

Looking back at the housing boom is a painful exercise for many homeowners – particularly those who bought at the peak of the real estate market. Who needs another reminder of what was possibly one of the worst financial decisions they ever made? Yet, a look at the first four months of 2010 can’t help […]