tevredenheid andere aanpak

August 5, 2014

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The Rise And Fall Of Yahoo

July 15, 2014

It’s no secret that Yahoo is in a troubled place. And has been for awhile. We just learned of the news that Yahoo is looking to sell bookmarking service Delicious and “sunsetting” a number of other web services. Preceding this debacle was a massive round of layoffs that affected over 500 employees. Many have tried […]


Google Dance: How Google Updates

July 11, 2014

When you think about it, Google has come a long way in terms of its main product, which is search. Years ago, Google used to execute its updates in bits and pieces since a major overhaul would take days at a time. They would do this 10 times a year with all of their data […]


The 2011 Web Analytics Review

July 9, 2014

Hundreds of thousands of websites across the globe have participated in Google’s ongoing study of web browsing behavior. So far, the results of the study have been very insightful. For example, global bounce rates and average time-on-site metrics are decreasing. In the operating systems wars, the Macintosh market share is steadily growing, while the Windows […]

The Future of Paid Search – Google, Bing and beyong

July 9, 2014

Paid search has cemented itself as a highly viable, cost effective marketing channel. In 2011, paid search spending is expected to reach $34 billion. Worldwide, paid search is a $34 billion industry. In this graphic, we’ll briefly explore paid search—it’s current state, where it’s going, and how the largest paid search venders (Google & Bing) […]


Growing Like Weeds

July 8, 2014

This chart illustrates the revenue growth of selected tech companies. Despite being one of the largest companies in the world, Apple managed to outgrow many of its smaller competitors. Source


The Rise Of Google Android

July 5, 2014

That little green android from Google has taken more than just a bite out of Apple’s iPhone popularity, but it will need to start training with pro eater Kobayashi if it wants to take on the “dumbphone.” Maybe if texting was made even more of a pain in the ass for those dumbphones the smatphone […]


The Connected World of Tech Companies

July 1, 2014

This infographic provides a visual graph to show how tech companies are interconnected. It shows their connections through acquisitions, mergers, and CEO employment. Source


Google’s Mnopoly

June 23, 2014

No doubt Google is one of the largest companies worldwide. His leadership extends beyond the search also controlling much of the display advertising market, and videos-Youtube-through and mobile devices through its Android operating system. Source


Going Local: The Rise of Geo-Targeting and Location-Based Services

June 18, 2014

Going local. This informative infographic looks at the rise of geo-targeting and location-based services and charts their rise in popularity. It also looks at competing companies and what each location-based service offers. Source


Plumber In Lowell Area

June 11, 2014

Of the 100 plus plumbers in Lowell Ma area, there are 15 companies on the first page. I happen to have 2 available to a plumber in Lowell area today. Source


The B2B Marketing Guide

June 5, 2014

More businesses are trying to embrace online marketing, the trend is here but it seems most of them are still hesitant, I guess we still need to see some significant financial results coming out of social media strategies in order to convince small businesses that such an investment can pay off. Search engine optimization is […]