The Rise Of Google Android

July 5, 2014

That little green android from Google has taken more than just a bite out of Apple’s iPhone popularity, but it will need to start training with pro eater Kobayashi if it wants to take on the “dumbphone.” Maybe if texting was made even more of a pain in the ass for those dumbphones the smatphone […]


Google’s Mnopoly

June 23, 2014

No doubt Google is one of the largest companies worldwide. His leadership extends beyond the search also controlling much of the display advertising market, and videos-Youtube-through and mobile devices through its Android operating system. Source


Google Android Traction Statistics [Infographics]

November 20, 2013

Here is a visual representation of the latest stats regarding Android’s traction in the 18 months since debut. Key figures from the statistics: -Google rapidly produces updates to the Android platform; often times OEMs and carriers struggle to keep up with software updates for consumer devices. Many factors attribute to this like phone processor limitations […]