TopBits Tech Anticipations for 2011

February 23, 2014

This infographic shows the top anticipated technological advents of 2012. From mobiles, to games, to operating systems. Source


Cell Phone Features

February 11, 2014

Cell Phones are not just for making calls. Advance features of each mobile device can make more look like a laptop. Source


Blizzard of Defen-G Astro

December 6, 2013

nnodis, a leading app development company based in Korea, released a new edition of their popular app game Defen-G Astro called Defen-G Astro White. This special edition version of the game is completely redesigned with Christmas and holiday-style graphics, and features exclusive giveaways once certain stages are completed. Source

Infographic Eye Candy: My turn

Infographic Eye Candy: My turn

July 6, 2013

Yesterday, my internship supervisor, Brian Crecente, at Kotaku asked me to make an infographic outlining the history of fighting games with commentary by Capcom. I went for a bright, bold approach using Kotaku’s theme colors and round photos rather than square. I’m not happy with the quality of the photo on the Kotaku site. This […]

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Rubiks Cube

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Rubiks Cube

May 31, 2013

In 1974 Hungarian architect Erno Rubik invented the ‘magic cube.’ Decades later and numerous frustrated and happy puzzler solvers later there have been more than 300 million Rubik’s cubes sold worldwide. With Rubik’s cube competitions and numerous fans it seems that the 1980 ‘toy of the year’ is a toy for all time. Source

World Series of Poker: In the Money

World Series of Poker: In the Money

March 22, 2013

The World Series of Poker has gone from awarding a silver cup to paying its winner more than any other player of any other professional sport. Think you already know about the World Series of Poker and its payouts? You wanna bet? Source

The Evolution of Street Fighter Women

The Evolution of Street Fighter Women

March 9, 2013

Ever since their introduction in Street Fighter 2, female fighters have had thighs so muscular that they could squash your head like a watermelon. Street Fighter’s women warriors are no catwalk model barbie dolls — they’re more muscular than most of the dudes behind the controller. But we felt a trend was emerging with each […]


The Convoluted, Blood-Spattered History of Mortal Kombat

January 2, 2013

With the highly-anticipated release of the Mortal Kombat reboot this year, we decided to pay homage to the franchise that brought us two decades of spine-shattering martial arts violence with this complete history of Mortal Kombat. And because we are professionals, you can rest assured that this is a completely unbiased, spin-free documentation of the […]


Video Game Designer’s Salary

December 30, 2012

How much can I expect to make with a video game design degree? Because of the wide range of careers available for those who are entering the field of video game design, a wide range of salary options are also available. Here is a quick guide to what you can expect to be paid in […]


Rubik’s Cube

November 29, 2012

Erno Rubik invented the Rubik’s cube back in 1974 and it has been baffling and frustrating people ever since. Some people go their entire life without solving the mystery of the multicolored cube and more than one has been chucked against a wall in anger. For those determined to solve the puzzle, this infographic breaks […]

Are Taxes Considered in Your Fantasy Football Fantasies

Are Taxes Considered in Your Fantasy Football Fantasies

November 9, 2012

Fantasy sports players closely monitor their team rosters and are gambling on this season’s winners. In many cases, taxes won’t cross players’ minds; however, they play a pivotal role in a winner’s earnings. This guide shows the state of fantasy sports in America, tax rules that should be remembered when playing, and ways to avoid […]

Tampa Bay Rays Draft Picks By Location

Tampa Bay Rays Draft Picks By Location

November 6, 2012

Originally done for Outside magazine about Felix Baumgartner’s record breaking high altitude sky diving attempt. Source