Is there a Bubble 2.0?

June 24, 2014

It’s happening again! Venture Capital is blowing up like it’s 1999. There are thousands of angels investing in companies these days and seed funds are popping out like Oompa Loompas at the chocolate factory. Source

Startup Dough For Home Businesses

June 2, 2014

Where home businesses go for startup dough. Source


The Big Society explained

April 22, 2014

Big Society’ or ‘Poor Out of Work and Got Nothing Better To Do Now But Volunteer Society’? We got way toooo fat in the last boooom and have been on the cross trainer ever since the crash There’s no harm in community nor government getting out our way, letting us live more effieciently but as […]


Patient-Focused Funding

February 12, 2013

Essentially, patient-focused funding rewards hospitals for better care, and hospitals use that money to improve services, which, in turn, opens the door for more funding. Source


Overton Park Survey

February 9, 2013

When we asked the community to imagine the best future for Overton Park, you stepped up to the challenge. You gave us a better understanding of where our park needs funding, needs repair, needs attention. But most of all, you reminded us that Overton Park is beloved and enriched every day by the people of […]

Publicly Funded Political Campaigns

Publicly Funded Political Campaigns

December 11, 2012

This graphic shows how the public is spending their dollars to support the various candidates for the 2012 election. And highlights the top ten spending cites with comparisons to the largest rural city of that state and the state total.

Funding for Online Education

Funding for Online Education

December 8, 2012

Funding tuition is a big challenge for students – no matter what the age. But there’s a wide selection of scholarships offered by a variety of organizations. Prospective students should explore federal grants and service learning programs, corporate sponsored scholarship programs, employer assistance programs, and scholarships offered by civic organizations, colleges and universities. Many can […]

New Relic Expansion

New Relic Expansion

November 16, 2012

Application Performance Management company, New Relic, recaps their incredible growth over the past three years as well as announces an exciting round of funding. Source


World’s Wealthiest People Now Richer than Before

November 9, 2012

More than a month into the Occupy Wall Street protests have many media outlets and political pundits wondering about the movement’s funding. Where do all these unemployed, so-called smelly hippie-types get their money anyway? Source

Is Your State Short-Changing Schools?

Is Your State Short-Changing Schools?

November 7, 2012

Amidst the rancorous debate around the national debt, federal spending and state budgets, it’s important to keep in mind that our budgets ultimately reflect our values. And considering the heavy cuts that state funding for education has taken in the past three years, we have to ask: Are we investing in our children’s futures? Source

Grenade or Aid?

Grenade or Aid?

August 17, 2012

Development assistance spending and military spending appear to promote two contradictory sets of values: one that builds and one that dismantles. Where do you think the U.S. government allocates more of its funding? Source

Brain Cancer Infographic

Brain Cancer Infographic

May 29, 2012

A quick visual reference of brain cancers. A comparison of the funding and survival rates between brain cancer and other leading cancers. Source