What is Credit Rating?

February 15, 2013

Financial information is quite complex and lots of it can be a bit overwhelming; which is why aquaCard decided to create an infographic to explain what your credit rating is. The infographic explains what affects a credit rating and how it’s calculated by credit agencies; hopefully armed with all this information, in the clear and […]


The Walking Debt

December 27, 2012

Facts about student loan debt Source

The High Price of Student Vice

The High Price of Student Vice

June 28, 2012

Booze, burritos and big nights out. Student life is full of vices and every day “essentials” but can your wallet handle the squeeze? Mozo.com.au has put together a slick infographic for students, showing how life’s little luxuries can add up over the year. But nobody wants to be the fun police. The infographic also shows […]