FESPA – United We Print

July 12, 2014

Our mission statement is to be the leading globally connected community for print – this graphic will give some insight into our progress towards that goal. Source


Facebook in Facts and Figures

November 14, 2013

This infographic explores some fun facts and figures about Facebook. Facebook was founded in 2004 by four Harvard students in their dorm rooms. By May 2005 Facebook had grown to $12.7 in venture and nearly 800 college networks. Facebook has more than 400 million users and 35 million of those users update their status every […]

Social Media Marketing By the Numbers

Social Media Marketing By the Numbers

May 19, 2013

Well, as the graphic shows, there are a lot more metrics, but are they great? One way to tell is to look at what the absolute top responses are across the prevailing social media platforms — Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. In many cases, the numbers are intoxicating. Source

Breaking Down Oscar

Breaking Down Oscar

April 22, 2013

Oscar buzz is approaching a fever pitch, with the Academy Awards just a few short weeks away. This also means that it’s almost time for Oscar parties. Would you like to impress your fellow party-goers with some obscure knowledge about the Academy Awards and the Oscar? Source

That’s What THAY Say

February 24, 2013

Hunch correlations are the result of millions of answers to Teach Hunch About You (THAY) questions. They’re based on hard numbers supplied by a diverse group of people all over the world. If they confirm a stereotype, don’t shoot the messenger or our infographical friends at Column Five Media. Source


No One Works During The World Cup

February 21, 2013

See how the mile high messiah stacks up against other quarterbacks during his improbable win streak. Source


The Sew Weekly, in Numbers

January 15, 2013

it was the designing and not the number crunching that took the most time. Thank goodness for “The Facts!” My favorite stat is that my favorite creation of last year, The “Dogs in Boas” Dress was also my most inexpensive to make: $.25. Adey, Debi, Sarah, Veronica and Oona. Source


Facebook 2012 – User Facts & Figures

January 13, 2013

For the fourth time we have updated our German Facebook infographic. Who can use this image somewhere until it’s updated again. The older versions are from July 2011, January 2011 and July 2010 . Source


LinkedIn Official Membership Statistics

January 13, 2013

For those of you missed it because you were too busy getting on with your busy recruitment lives (yes, that’s all of us), LinkedIn announced its latest quarterly earnings last night. Unless you have purchased their stock, you won’t care too much but LinkedIn also announced some updated visitor stats that are interesting: As of […]


A Visual Guide To The World Economic Forum

January 13, 2013

Confused about what goes on at the WEF or what is its full form? Then check out IBEF’s World Economic Forum Infographic which is a Visual guide to the WEF. Source


UK Debt Problem Facts and Figures

December 14, 2012

The forecast for the average person in the UK is looking pretty bleak when it comes to debt levels. With Christmas bills now dropping onto the doormat, the recent rise in VAT and inflation soaring at the same time as benefits being cut across the board, many Brits are finding it harder and harder to […]

Antivirus Information

Antivirus Information

November 6, 2012

The most attacked brands are Paypal, eBay and Facebook but users should wonder out loud, are you safe? Download these charts for an educational read and startling reminder of why users should always run antivirus on their computers. Source