Billions to Banks

February 20, 2013

This infographic shows how financial institutions like AIG took payments from the U.S government for bailouts and are now loaning the money to the U.S treasury in order to pay the loans back. The graph shows the cycle of how the U.S went into the debt crisis and the crisis continues to deepen at the […]


A Revealing Infographic Shows Where Federal Tax Dollars Come From

January 12, 2013

With U.S. Federal Reserve pumping incredible amounts of money into the United States economy, people are becoming more curious about how their tax dollars are spent. While we may not be able to lift the veil of how your tax dollars are spent, this Infographic will certainly open your eyes to who pays the taxes […]

The Cost & Politics of Economic Inequality

The Cost & Politics of Economic Inequality

December 7, 2012

The biggest problem with runaway inequality, however, is that it undermines the unity of purpose necessary for any firm, or any nation, to thrive. People don’t work hard, take risks and make sacrifices if they think the rewards will all flow to others. Conservative Republicans use this argument all the time in trying to justify […]

The Anti-Fed Fact Sheet

The Anti-Fed Fact Sheet

August 15, 2012

The Federal Reserve is a private institution owned by twelve regional Federal Reserve banks. These twelve regional banks are in turn owned by a combination of regional banks, commercial banks, foreign banks, and miscellaneous investors. The Federal Reserve was established in 1913 and serves as America’s central bank but debates about the Federal Reserve and […]