Europe’s Bad Habit of Fishing for Jobs

November 5, 2013

Can Europe end its lamentable habit of using a variety of costly subsidies to prop up unsustainable fishing fleets? The European Union fisheries commissioner, Maria Damanaki, wants this, as she made vividly clear in a speech in July as she issued proposed reforms. Source

The Future of the European Economy

The Future of the European Economy

November 10, 2012

Our latest graphic looks at forecasts of six key economic indicators and compares the situation across the European Union. We take as samples Ireland, Germany, Spain and the UK, and also look at the trends prevailing in the Euro 17 and EU 27 as a whole. Source


It’s All Connected: An Overview of the Euro Crisis

August 1, 2012

European leaders are dealing with growing debt problems that are rattling investors worldwide. Here is a visual guide to the crisis. Source

The Euro Crisis

The Euro Crisis

June 3, 2012

The European Union’s Response to the Euro Crisis details all of the EU’s main policy responses to Europe’s interlinked financial, economic and sovereign debt crisis and presents some further options that are under consideration. Source