European Solar Power

April 6, 2014

Europe is beginning to lead the way in the evolution of solar power. 50 billion euros is currently being used towards the development and research of this groundbreaking technology. Here is a look at solar power production across European regions. Source


Digital Britain vs Digital Europe

January 15, 2014

With Europe’s flagging economies on the brink of another recession, European governments are desperate to limit their exposure to financial services industry. One route to future prosperity is the digital economy. European governments are committed to getting more people online with much faster broadband speed in a bid to improve business opportunities. Source


iPad Most Popular Internet Device at Home

December 25, 2013

The first international study into the use of the iPad has been carried out by Sanoma. 3,673 users were surveyed in six European countries. Whilst there are many similarities, there are also striking differences. Source


MOBILE INSIGHTS, MAY 2011: European Market Overview

December 23, 2013

The overall European market grew by 38% over the past 3 months, while smartphone requests grew by 51%. Apple got a strong boost in May relative to February as their share of ad requests increased by +6.3 share points helped by the strength of the iPad. Source

Europe’s Bad Habit of Fishing for Jobs

November 5, 2013

Can Europe end its lamentable habit of using a variety of costly subsidies to prop up unsustainable fishing fleets? The European Union fisheries commissioner, Maria Damanaki, wants this, as she made vividly clear in a speech in July as she issued proposed reforms. Source

Choose a Short Term Apartment in Europe

July 6, 2013

Describes how to pick out the right apartment in Rome, London, Paris, Venice, Amsterdam, and Florence. Content Marketing Agency

Saint Sava and Nemanjich Dynasty

Saint Sava and Nemanjich Dynasty

April 15, 2013

Life and death of Saint Sava (Saint Sabbas) 1174 – 14 January 1236, Serbian Prince and Orthodox monk, the first Archbishop of the autocephalous Serbian Church, the founder of Serbian law and literature, and a diplomat. Sava was born Rastko Nemanjic, the youngest son of Serbian Grand Prince Stefan Nemanja, founder of the Nemanjic dynasty […]

Excel Dashboards for Information Visualization

Excel Dashboards for Information Visualization

March 12, 2013

In anticipation of the Euro 2012 an infographic that provides current and past statistics of the Euro including top goalscorers, fastest goals, stadium attendances, historical sportsbook odds and more. Source



February 24, 2013

According to EIAA’s latest Mediascope Europe study 76% (396m) of all 16+ year old people across 15 European markets surveyed use different media simultaneously with almost a third (30%) using the internet whilst they watch TV Source


Top Restaurants and Top Chefs Worldwide

February 12, 2013

Celebrity chefs, and their recipes, have been popular in the last years, more than ever before even. With shows hosted by Gordon Ramsey in both USA and Europe, or European shows hosted by chefs such as Raymond Blanc or Jamie Oliver, whenever you turn on the TV a cooking show can be watched.


Then and Now: The European Debt Crisis

January 21, 2013

As the global economy continues to falter, all eyes are fixed on the European Union nations who have been rocked by credit downgrades, bailout discussions, and austerity measures. Here we examine how government debt as a percentage of GDP has changed from 2000 to 2010 for all 27 European Union countries, including the 17 within […]


Wage trends in Europe

January 19, 2013

The latest wage and salary trends in Europe. Source