European Solar Power

April 6, 2014

Europe is beginning to lead the way in the evolution of solar power. 50 billion euros is currently being used towards the development and research of this groundbreaking technology. Here is a look at solar power production across European regions. Source


Digital Britain vs Digital Europe

January 15, 2014

With Europe’s flagging economies on the brink of another recession, European governments are desperate to limit their exposure to financial services industry. One route to future prosperity is the digital economy. European governments are committed to getting more people online with much faster broadband speed in a bid to improve business opportunities. Source


The EU Unemployment infographic

January 2, 2013

urope’s financial and sovereign debt troubles are extremely serious but tackling its unemployment problems must remain a top priority for all of its policymakers, not just those in hard-hit ‘peripheral’ states. The data in our latest infographic is drawn from Eurostat, the official statistics body of the European Union, which publishes unemployment figures on a […]

Effective EU Corporate Tax Rates

Effective EU Corporate Tax Rates

December 13, 2012

We have covered the European Commission’s proposals on corporate tax harmonisation in detail on this blog previously (see for example here and here and also this video here). Recent events make the CCCTB proposals even more unlikely to pass but we thought it would be useful to visualise some information relating to the levying of […]

The EU Debt Crisis In Charts

The EU Debt Crisis In Charts

November 17, 2012

With all of the recent news surrounding the ongoing European Monetary Union debt crisis and the growing possibility of a Greek default, ForexNewsNow has compiled a detailed graphic in an effort to visually lay out the current financial state of individual EU member states as well as the region as a whole. Source

EU Debt

EU Debt

July 23, 2012

This is an infographic about the main EU Zone country debt facts. As you can see that’s a lot of money! Note also, Greece along with Portugal has the lowest debt in EU. The biggest debt comes from UK, which is enormous (€7.3 trillion!!!) and the worst foreign debt per person comes from Ireland (€390,696 […]

EU Arms Sales to Egypt Data Visualisation

July 21, 2012

Egypt is still in turmoil, and after some Czech ammunition was found in Tahrir Square, NISAT searched Eurostat and released some data about EU arms exports to Egypt. NISAT have a map tool that goes only up to 2009 and the data released are from 2011, so I made this visualisation below: (This matter has […]

Frivillighed i EU

Frivillighed i EU

July 12, 2012

European volunteering in numbers. This infographic shows how many European citizens do volunteer work and in what areas. The text is in Danish as it was made for a Danish magazine – Source