Light Bulb

July 13, 2014

There are several common types of lightbulbs available on the market. Understanding the energy impact differences of different types of lightbulbs is important, and plays a much larger role in energy efficiency than most realize. Check this out to learn more about lightbulbs and energy usage.


Visual Collaboration Saves the Environment – Let me count the ways to be more environmentally responsible

June 21, 2014

Companies around the globe are increasing their focus on environmental sustainability and looking for new ways to be more environmentally responsible. The companies turning to visual collaboration and videoconferencing solutions are able to decrease travel and, in turn, lessen their environmental impact. But, how much of an effect does this really have? The following infographic […]


Silicon Valleys of the World

April 15, 2014

In this infographic, we examine the world’s up-and-coming tech communities – from Germany to Mexico to Indonesia and more – and compare them on a number of different factors, including entrepreneurial mindset, access to capital and general strengths and weaknesses Source


Environment & HSE Market Trends Report

April 11, 2014

At Acre we like to keep our finger on the pulse of what is happening in the marketplace; we like to spot trends, benchmark salaries and keep an eye on who is hiring and who are the influential people operating in the space. Source


The Internet is Killing the Planet

March 3, 2014

By the year 2017 the entire world will be online but what does that mean for the planet? The internet produces a ton of energy and CO2 that greatly affects the planet. This infographic looks at these statistics and looks to see if the internet really is killing the planet. Source


BP Oil Spill

December 20, 2013

Everyone surely remembers the tragic BP explosion and oil spill in 2010 that took the lives of men and wildlife alike. Almost instantaneously, a tidal wave of online reporting carried the story worldwide and continued to spread information about the catastrophe in the weeks and months to come. Here is a look at the online […]


What if Solar Power Grew as Fast as Facebook?

November 10, 2013

A wonderful “what if?” scenario that shows what would happen if solar power grew as fast as Facebook. Source


Is the iPhone Green?

October 31, 2013

Sure the iPhone looks slick and sexy but is it green and good for the environment? This infographic looks at the iPhone in detail and breaks down whether the popular phone is as green as the color of all that cash Apple makes from selling it. Source


History of the Electric Car

October 26, 2013

This infographic provides a thorough history of the electric cars and the first notable electric cars invented. It shows how the technology developed to the point of building the first hybrid car. Source

Blame Twitter

Blame Twitter

August 12, 2013

Twitter is killing us. It’s destroying our environment and making us fat. For proof look no further than our Twitter infographic. It’s time to blame Twitter for all the evils it causes in the world. Who’s with me? Source

How dirty are your gadgets?

How dirty are your gadgets?

July 23, 2013

Your mobile phone, keyboard and TV remote are some of the dirtiest items in your home, as this infographic reveals. Source

How Much Water Is Your House Wasting?

How Much Water Is Your House Wasting?

July 20, 2013

You turn the faucet on to soak some dishes in the sink and keep it running while you clean up the counter. You take long showers and let the water run before you jump in. There are many ways you could be wasting and overusing water in your household without even knowing it. This infogaphic […]