Women @ Work: Sound Bites and Statistics From Women Who Lead

May 4, 2014

Through quotes and statistics, This infographic shows that while women have made incredible strides in the workplace and entrepreneurship, there is still much work to be done in empowering women to be leaders in technology and various industries around the globe. Source


What is YEC?

December 30, 2013

The Young Entrepreneur Council is an invite-only organization of top, young entrepreneurs. And Lemon.ly’s CEO, John Meyer, is a member! We partnered with the YEC to showcase what a great organization this is and to tell you who can be a part of it. Source


All Startup-Related searches on Avvo.com

December 15, 2013

Cash is king with startups. Many startups don’t yet need an attorney, or at least their money could be better spent elsewhere. I’m not suggesting you can just ignore legal issues at the beginning, but with all the resources available on the internet and the strong startup communities out there, I believe smart founders, if […]


Social Good: Taking Social Media to Social Action

February 21, 2013

We came up with the concept of “Social Good: Taking Social Media to Social Action” because the fusion of entrepreneurship and social good is such an amazingly exciting trend. To have whip-sharp business minds apply themselves to bettering the world is a topic that deserves attention. Source


Global Entrepreneurship Week Facts & Figures

January 15, 2013

Every year in November, host organizations within each country coordinate a network of partners to run events that inspire & challenge both aspiring & existing entrepreneurs. Source

Entrepreneurship & Opportunity Around The World

Entrepreneurship & Opportunity Around The World

August 27, 2012

A strong entrepreneurial climate in which people can pursue new ideas and opportunities for improving their lives can lead to a higher level of income and wellbeing for all. In todays infographic we find out exactly where those places are. Source

The GEW Social Network

The GEW Social Network

July 15, 2012

As of January 19, 2012, GEW’s social network has amassed an engaged audience of over 20,000 people via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, & Flickr. They connect & share ideas to do good & well to bolster their local communities that in turn stimulate the global economy. How social do you want to be? Source