Video Interviews: Why Employers Are Making switch video

June 8, 2014

Recruiting leaders, especially in a difficult economy, are often tasked with bringing down recruiting costs. The recruiting and interview process itself is often the source of large expenses. One way that modern employers are bringing down the cost of recruiting is through video interviews. This inforgaphic dives into the typical costs of recruiting and hiring. […]


The Good News for Online Degrees

March 14, 2014

This infographic provides information for individuals who hold online degrees to show how likely they are to get a job with an online degree. They polled several different businesses in several different types of companies to determine how many employees they have that got their degrees online and if having an online degree adversely effects […]


The Great Divide

December 8, 2013

Mercer’s What’s Working™ survey reveals that rank-and-file employees have a dramatically different – less positive and more skeptical – perspective on their jobs and employers compared to both managers and senior managers. Source

Training With Infographics

Training With Infographics

May 1, 2013

Because infographics are so visual and make a lot of information very easy to read and understand, they are great for training employees or teaching students. However, there are good ways to execute infographics and there are bad ways. Get the tips you need to make an effective training infographic. Source


How companies are using social media to hire and fire

February 24, 2013

Have you ever Googled yourself? You should do it, but not to make yourself feel good about all of the references you can find to your person and/or your work, but to find out how much digital dirt you’ve left all over the Internet. That is, incriminating photographs or angry status updates posted after a […]


The Recovering 2012 Job Market

December 20, 2012

Since 2008, the job market has been brutal, but it appears there may be some hope on the horizon for college grads. A recent recruitment survey by Michigan State University asked over 8,000 employers about their hiring plans for 2012, and much to the comfort of soon-to-be graduates, many firms plan to increase hiring this […]