Average Worker Slacking

July 2, 2014

Our recent graphic seems to be creating some buzz in the internet atmosphere about the very nature of time tracking, what it fundamentally means to be productive, and its repercussions on workplace Source


Are We Slackers?

June 29, 2014

“Disengagement” may sound like just another corporate buzzword, but it’s a serious problem in today’s workforce. More than half of U.S. employees report feeling disengaged from their jobs. Source


How the Web Is Re-Inventing Employee Training

May 24, 2014

With the Internet becoming increasingly more powerful, a growing number of corporate employers are turning to the web for employee training. Through customized online learning courses, members can now transcend the four walls of a traditional classroom and learn at any time and any place, effectively redefining the landscape of education. Here we explore the […]


Big Data, Big Opportunity

April 1, 2014

Would you believe that Fortune 1000 companies could gain $2.01 billion each year in employee productivity if they merely increased usability of their data by 10 percent? As revealed in a research study by the University of Texas at Austin. Source


Employee, Interruped

March 19, 2014

Are you reading this blog at work? It’s a fair question when you look at the statistics of how many “cyberslackers” there are out there: a new breed of employees who use company internet connections for personal use. Source


Unmasking D.I.Y. Employees in the Enterprise

March 19, 2014

Enterprises must seize the opportunity to engage their most innovative employees or risk losing their best talent. In our recent study we discovered that nearly one in five information workers at mid to large-sized enterprises are building or customizing their own software for work purposes. We call these innovators D.I.Y.ers and unfortunately most of their […]


The Mobile Worker Movement

March 12, 2014

Mobile consumer devices make it easier for employees to choose when and where to get their work done — and those conveniences can lead to higher productivity.Employees want to use their personal mobile devices in the workplace. And many potential new hires make this is a condition of employment¹. The companies that adapt quickly to […]


The CEO’s Guide To Choosing An AMP

February 13, 2014

So you have identified a high-potential candidate in your company who will be a future leader. You are considering sending a person for an AMP so that he or she gets the tools to make the transition. Here’s what you should keep in mind: Source


Pros In Different Area Codes: How to Train remote employee

January 31, 2014

Company HQ is in Nowheresville, USA. But that incredibly talented, can’t-live-without-’em prospective employee isn’t. Now more than ever, that isn’t a problem. As access to free or inexpensive online software increases, companies’ ability and willingness to recruit remote employees has increased enormously. But the new arrangement also presents a few challenges. How do you train […]


The Anatomy of a Boss from Hell

October 14, 2013

Most people think that the psychopaths in our world are behind bars and locked up with the key thrown away. What people don’t realize is that many times, these psychos are the ones that sign our paychecks Source

The State of Corporate Wellness Programs

The State of Corporate Wellness Programs

May 14, 2013

Given the intense global interest in workplace wellness programs and, specifically, in the results of our recent ShapeUp Employer Wellness Survey, we wanted a way to display this interesting data in a fun, more digestible, and shareable way. So we took the results and turned them into the first ever graphic on the state of […]


A Statistical Look at Wall Street Bonuses

January 7, 2013

Sums equal to these same bonuses could also pay for almost half of Medicare this year ($290 Billion!!). Source