The Digital Dump

April 28, 2014

Do you feel the need to pick up a new tv as soon as manufacturers figure out how to squeeze another few inches into the already gigantic displays? How soon does it take for you to look at your phone and wish that you could jump in a time machine so that you could get […]


Key Moments In Consumer Electronics

January 25, 2014

This infographic provides a timeline for the most important electronic advances since the early 1970’s. It shows how electronics have evolved.


The History of CES

January 7, 2014

The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show is North America’s largest annual trade show of any kind, celebrating their 45th anniversary. Source


How America spends on electronics

December 26, 2013

Take a wild guess which U.S. city spends the most on electronics. If you guessed San Jose, Calif., which is located in Silicon Valley, the home for many of America’s biggest tech companies, you’d be correct. Residents of San Jose spend an average of $91.08 a month on electronics, nearly double the national average of […]


Recycling Electronic Waste

December 24, 2013

This poster is a part of a double-sided folded pamphlet detailing the importance of properly recycling old electronic devices. Source


Streamlining Your Digital Life with the new iPad

December 2, 2013

Using a device like the new iPad allows you to merge many gadgets into one, streamlining your digital life. That is, when you have a tablet like the new iPad you no longer need other gadgets, such as an e-reader, laptop or iPod touch. See the timeline of these gadgets, as well as what they’re […]


How America spends on Electronics

November 20, 2013

Even if you don’t own a smartphone, or aren’t interested in buying a tablet or e-reader anytime soon, you probably own a television, radio or other electronic. It’s tough living in the 21st century without having something that requires batteries, and then having to recharge or replace those batteries. Source


The Rise and Fall of the MP3 Player

November 19, 2013

Will smartphones cause the MP3 player’s extinction? Source


CES 2011 and Early Adopter Technology Costs

October 26, 2013

On the eve of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2011, we wanted to examine how early adopters pay a premium for being “first” when it comes to the latest, greatest, newest, coolest. For gadget geeks, CES is better than Christmas, the Superbowl and Bill Gates’ birthday combined. This year’s trade show runs from January 6th through […]

Evolution of the Remote

Evolution of the Remote

May 16, 2013

History of the remote control with photos of original television remotes, and a timeline of important events. Source

Weatherproof Products

Top 21 Weatherproof Products

April 6, 2013

The top 21 weatherproof products on the market. Metal tags are number 1, which can last outdoors for 20+ years, followed by products like weatherproof paper, a scuba mp3 player, digital camera, solar chargers and more. Via: Weatherproof Tags

My Digital Life 2.0

My Digital Life 2.0

March 21, 2013

Digital electronics definately rule our world. This inforgraphic examines the digital life and many of the key powerplayers involved. Source