The future of Electronic Medical Records

February 22, 2014

Models for healthcare delivery are changing. The information technology is helping in transformation of instituions which delivers healthcare model. We are at a rare point in history where IT and the way we build and use it can and has been making a remarkable difference for institutions, for professionals and for patients. It is exciting […]

Gaps in Referral Process between US Medical Providers

Gaps in Referral Process between US Medical Providers

June 6, 2013

Practice Fusion survey and infographic reveal challenges in communication between primary care physicians and specialists when making patients referrals; just 16 percent use electronic systems to refer. Source

Doctors and Patients Should

Doctors and Patients Should “Just-Say-No” to Paper

May 4, 2013

Many doctors are still using paper charts in their practice, despite advances in Electronic Medical Record (EMR) technology. Source


Physician Survey Reveals “Unhealthy states of small medical practices nationwide”

January 13, 2013

Practice Fusion’s 2011 State of the Small Practice survey and infographic reveals 41 percent of private practices are doing worse than last year; optimism around job satisfaction and new technology. Source