The Social Election Experiment

The Social Election Experiment

August 31, 2013

Do Facebook Likes = Real World Votes? People love predicting who is going to win an election. Sometimes it’s the scientific approach of public opinion polling or friends and neighbors coming together to express their views in a local pizza poll. During the 2011 Canadian Federal Election, the teams at Optimum PR and Dare Labs […]

The Social Campaign: The Growing Reach of Social Media

The Social Campaign: The Growing Reach of Social Media’s Election Impact

March 26, 2013

Social media played an astounding role in the 2008 presidential election and demonstrated the emerging impact of social media on politics. These platforms enabled people to learn and share about the election and proved especially popular with voters ages 18 to 34. Today, social media has expanded its reach to audiences of all ages, with […]

The Presidential Race: Will Their Fans Take Them White House

The Presidential Race: Will Their Fans Take Them White House

March 19, 2013

Some insightful results showing the leading presidential candidate in Iowa Caucus Source



March 4, 2013

Check out the wild variation in the importance of your presidential vote. Not all votes are the same. No matter where you stand when it comes to the Electoral College, it’s still interesting that one vote in Wyoming is worth three and a half in California. The wikipedia sages can tell you why, but first […]


How We Voted, Province-By-Province

March 2, 2013

Elections in modern Canadian history in which voter turnout was below 65% have all come during the past decade. Monday’s relatively dismal (and still unofficial) figure of 61.4% – the third-lowest ever – continued the trend. Source


Social Media Analysis of the 2012 Election

March 1, 2013

Every four years, those of us in the social media industry get to study the use of social media in the political sphere. There is a lot to be learned from some of the largest online campaigns we will ever get a chance to see. Source


The Social Electorate Speaks

February 22, 2013

Recent data from comScore revealed that Canadians spend more time online that any other nation. Clearly, what is happening online during this election is of major interest to the political parties as well as the media covering the election. These groups and the electorate want to know how the use of social media is changing […]


Not Better Off

February 15, 2013

After Three Years Of Obama’s Failed Policies, The Facts Show That Americans Are Not Better Off Than They Were Source


Billionaires Hedge Their Bets on Politicians

January 25, 2013

My graphic illustrates some of this aisle-crossing. Included are the ten biggest donors among the Forbes 400; lines between them and political committees indicate donations they’ve made since 2005, and circle size corresponds to total donations. Source


In a Decisive Victory, Obama Reshapes the Electoral Map

January 19, 2013

Barack Obama’s historic win, with at least 349 electoral votes to John McCain’s 162, can be attributed to his victories in several high-population states, like Florida, Virginia, and Ohio, that George W. Bush won handily in 2004. The struggling economy, especially in more industrial states, and high numbers of new voters helped flip key areas […]

Publicly Funded Political Campaigns

Publicly Funded Political Campaigns

December 11, 2012

This graphic shows how the public is spending their dollars to support the various candidates for the 2012 election. And highlights the top ten spending cites with comparisons to the largest rural city of that state and the state total.

How digital media will affect the 2012 Presidential Election

How digital media will affect the 2012 Presidential Election

November 22, 2012

“JFK is considered the first television President. Next year’s victor may well be determined by the impact of Facebook and Twitter,” said Jordan Bitterman, a Digitas senior vice president, in a statement. Source