The Web Of Ad Technology Funding

January 15, 2014

Entrepreneur and writer of the Cogblog, Brent Halliburton, has created a new type of ecosystem map showing the interconnected web of funding for ad tech companies and organizes it by broad, functional groups. Source


The Interconnected World of Tech Companies

December 2, 2013

The “tech world” is really more of a “tech family.” Between digital giants’ appetites for acquisitions and the tendency of their ex-employees to start new companies, it’s easy to see how nearly every blip in the ecosystem is closely related. We’ve mapped just a few of these family ties between “Xooglers,” the “PayPal Mafia”, “Softies” […]


The Mobile App Ecosystem

November 8, 2013

Since we have the world’s largest database of apps, we thought it was about time we crunch the numbers, and share some information with the world. We hereby present the first ever Quixey infographic! We are obsessed with apps, math and everything else infographics. Source

The World

The World’s Most Endangered Species

September 2, 2012

Once a species becomes extinct, it is gone forever. When it becomes endangered, we as human beings have the choice to save these precious animals and plants before we lose them for good. We have already lost approximately 900 plant and animal species in the past 500 years. Here is a look at the number […]

The Social Media Ecosystem

The Social Media Ecosystem

August 23, 2012

The latest partnership between JESS3 and Brian Solis, the Social Media Brandsphere breaks down the five different ways brands can engage with their customers through social media channels and how each different technique produces a wide range of possibilities for interaction and storytelling between people and brands. Source

Ecosystems of the World

Ecosystems of the World

July 4, 2012

An in-depth look into the different ecosystems located on Earth. Source


2010’s Most Threatened Animal Species

June 26, 2012

Global climate change and deforestation are only a couple of factors that contribute to the extinction of animals on this planet. It is important to remember that there is no turning back when a species becomes extinct. Here is a list of animal species that were hanging in the balance during 2010. Source