The Rise of E-Readers

July 12, 2014

More than one in ten Americans now own e-readers. Here, we take a look at what that means for the state of reading in America. Source


Who Loves eReaders?

December 10, 2013

Everyone knows e-readers like the Amazon Kindle Fire are a must-have gift item. But what are the characteristics of a typical e-reader buyer? We visualized them below and offer a glimpse of why e-readers could be the next big advertising platform in years to come. Source

World’s Biggest Books

June 8, 2013

Yes, newspapers are moving online to stop their own bleeding. And yes, e-reader books are blowing up. But you may be surprised to know that printed book sales are actually up too (+4% in 2009). E-books rose to 3% of total book trade market (and they’ll continue growing), but the bottom line is: Though the […]

Ebooks Explosion

Ebooks Explosion

May 5, 2013

Americans are finding their credit card bills and bank statements riddled with a mounting tab of new charges for digital books after sales of eReaders and tablets exploded at the end of last year. Source