Moving the Needle with E-learning

October 3, 2013

BizLibrary strives to bring the very best content in the market to small and mid-sized companies. Skillsoft a long-time partner of BizLibrary is an industry leader. The courses are based on sound instructional design and the collections include topic areas that really drive business results. Source


90 Million adults lack critical job skills

February 15, 2013

Smart Horizons Independent Living Skills Program. Source


Breakdown of the Training Industry

February 9, 2013

A breakdown of the rapid increase in online learning as a new trend within the training industry. Source


The Increasing Demand for E-Education

January 12, 2013

This infographic provides information about the growing online college community. It provides statistical data to show that online school enrollment has grown in 2008. It also shows the popular forums of online learning and the economy of the E-learning industry. Finally it lists the pros and cons of online classes. Source


Educating Inmates

December 30, 2012

Society benefits both economically and culturally by educating at-risk youth and preventing them from entering a life of crime. Source

Traclomg Learning Achievement Online

Traclomg Learning Achievement Online

December 6, 2012

Tracking learning achievement of adults and youth in transition using an online learning management system. Source

8 Reasons for cost effective alternatives school programs

8 Reasons for cost effective alternatives school programs

October 12, 2012

90 million Americans do not have college degrees and need additional job training to meet the current economic challenges facing the country. Source

The Crippled Japanese Nuclear Reactors

The Crippled Japanese Nuclear Reactors

September 16, 2012

Japanese officials were scrambling to avoid meltdowns and radiation at two nuclear reactors damaged after Friday’s earthquakes. Source

The Benefits of Online Training

The Benefits of Online Training

August 21, 2012

The value-added benefits and cost savings of implementing online training. Source

Distributed Learning

Distributed Learning

August 12, 2012

A design research project on e-learning. We looked into what are all the tools people currently use for distributed e-learning. Designers: Yameng Li (principle designer), Nicole Neuberger, Pietro Naoni, Gozde Elbeili, Isil Uzum. Source

Battle of the Century: eLearning vs. Classroom Learning

Battle of the Century: eLearning vs. Classroom Learning

July 22, 2012

Traditional classroom learning is compared with new elearning options. Effectiveness, cost, and motivation involved in each program are compared and ultimately a winner is declared. Source

Stopping the Cycle of Crime

Stopping the Cycle of Crime

June 3, 2012

At-risk youth who lack critical life skills often turn to crime to support themselves. Source