The Rise of the SoMoLo Shopper

April 26, 2014

A compelling and creative look at how current technology trends in social media, mobility, and location-based services are creating a new breed of shopper – the SoMoLo shopper. Source


The Tablet Economy

April 11, 2014

Tablets seem to be everywhere today; from people on the subway, cash registers at restaurants, and blue chip CEOs’ briefing kits. Brands are taking advantage of this and are increasingly asking for platform agnostic digital solutions. But who actually owns a tablet, and how do the demographics and statistics of tablets affect brands? Vertic has […]


Upbeat E-Tailors Market

April 6, 2014

The holidays are a fun and festive time to shop. This infographic takes a look at how E commerce sites are brighting up their pages to promote a fun and festive shopping experience. Source


How e-Signatures Give You The Competitive edge

March 21, 2014

How e signatures can significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency for businesses and organizations. Source


Top E-Retail Markets

March 9, 2014

A list of the most valuable e-retail markets around the world. Source


PrestaShop: The Best E-Commerce Experience

February 24, 2014

With more than 100,000 stores throughout the world, PrestaShop, created 4 years ago, is now Europe’s no.1 e-commerce solution! At the beginning of 2012, we reviewed our solution, and we are sharing this with you in graphics… everything you need to know about PrestaShop is in this infography. Source


Retail in 2011

February 13, 2014

A breakdown of retail in the year 2011 in comparison with previous years, showing the influence of the growth of social media and technology.


Credit cards in numbers

January 11, 2014

World credit cards in numbers Source


Halloween Sales and Trends

January 5, 2014

Halloween is the second most lucrative e-commerce holiday, second only to Christmas. Because of this, thousands of online merchants gear up each year to promote costumes, candies, decorations and cards in the hopes that Halloween will start their Q4 holiday shopping season off with a bang, boo and scream. As merchants prepare themselves for success, […]


Why Are People Afraid of E-Commerce?

December 3, 2013

E-commerce as an industry has grown dramatically in the last decade, but there are still many people who are distrustful of making purchases online. And perhaps with good reason: the thought of entering in one’s credit card over the Internet to a vendor that they are not necessarily familiar with, can be disheartening. However, while […]


Mobile Ecommerce Market Share

November 5, 2013

Creating an e-commerce mobile market for your company is almost crucial to the success of your brand these days. More and more people are turning to their mobile device to check into location-based sites, search for products or communicate with others. This infographic looks at mobile e-commerce trends and the future of this growing market. […]

The Ascent Of E-Commerce

The Ascent Of E-Commerce

September 29, 2013

Online shopping doesn’t match shopping at brick-and-mortar stores — yet. E-commerce revenue has skyrocketed in the last 10 years. In the infographic below done with BuySellAds, we take a look at how much it’s grown, how people are shopping online, and what that means for traditional retailers. Source