Books vs E-Books

May 16, 2014

There have been many heated debates over the centuries, but none have struck such passion in book lovers everywhere as the great e-book debate. Do you prefer downloading the latest best seller to your laptop or Kindle or will you always stick by your hardcover friend? This infographic shows both sides of this debate Source

World’s Biggest Books

June 8, 2013

Yes, newspapers are moving online to stop their own bleeding. And yes, e-reader books are blowing up. But you may be surprised to know that printed book sales are actually up too (+4% in 2009). E-books rose to 3% of total book trade market (and they’ll continue growing), but the bottom line is: Though the […]

40 Years of E-books

40 Years of E-books

May 2, 2013

Books have long been a favorite past-time and a way to escape to a far off fantasy land. The popularity of the E-book has made it even more convenient for people to indulge in the great past time of reading without having to lug a heavy book around. This infographic explores the history of E-books […]


Presidents Setting Precedent

February 20, 2013

While most people — probably most especially students — don’t tend to think of them as such, college presidents are actually quite cutting edge. In fact, college presidents are more likely than the general public to be using a number of new technologies including smartphones, tablets, e-readers and social media accounts. This enthusiasm for technology […]

Reading in America

Reading in America

June 16, 2012

This shows the shift in American culture from print to digital formats for our reading needs and how libraries compare to e-books Source