Downtime Ruins Birthdays And Crushes Dreams

November 25, 2013

That statement may be a bit dramatic, but a lack of website availability significantly impacts revenue opportunities. We did a study of the 2010 Internet Retailer 500 and how their downtime hurt revenue. Source


Dodging The Fail Whale: A Downtime Survival Guide

October 25, 2013

Website downtime can be a real drag, especially if the site has important information you can’t access. Downtime is when a website is down for a certain amount of time for whatever reason. This infographic offers tips on what you can do when your site is going through that difficult moment known as downtime. Source

Website Down?!

Website Down?!

September 30, 2012

How much the biggest online sellers would lose during 5-minute downtime? Read about symptoms, types, causes and results of failures. Check the most common server error codes. Learn how to prevent and respond. Source