Google Earth

June 3, 2014

Around in the World in 60 seconds with Google Earth. In order to celebrate its 1 billionth download, Google Earth tapped JESS3 to create an infographic that highlights the ease and speed with which users can explore some of the most fascinating parts of the globe. Source


150 million downloads and 3.65 billion mobile voice minutes

May 17, 2014

150,000,000 downloads of Nimbuzz, and 3,650,000,000 voice minutes logged in the last year. Yes, those are millions and billions . Nimbuzz has logged over 5 million downloads on the Nokia Ovi store, and over 45 million on GetJar, the second largest app store in the world. Source


Outfit7 Downloads

March 31, 2014

Outift7 is a company that focuses on creating fun apps for people. Their fun approach to creating apps is taking off and this infographic celebrates their 100 millionth download in under ten months. Source


Does Your Business Need an APP

March 25, 2014

Most devices considered smartphones today use an identifiable and open operating system, often with the ability to add applications (e.g. for enhanced data processing, connectivity or entertainment) – in contrast to regular phones which only support sandboxed applications (like Java games). These smartphone applications may be developed by the manufacturer of the device, by the […]


Samsung Smart TV Apps surpasses 5 million downloads

February 5, 2014

Samsung seems to be doing pretty well with its own app stores. It was not too long ago when they achieved a milestone with the Samsung apps store, and now they’ve hit another one. This time it’s on the Smart TV Apps store. Samsung has just announced that they surpassed their five millionth Smart TV […]


1 Million Downloads of Beautiful Widgets

January 27, 2014

We celebrated, yesterday, 10 billions downloads with Google on Android Market. For this occasion, Beautiful Widgets was available for only 10ct (on each money) for 24 hours. Now, we are proud to announce that Beautiful Widgets is the first paid application reaching one million downloads on Android Market. Source


Some Absolutely Staggering Android Stats

November 3, 2013

Here is an infographic showing the Android Market growth, people from 190 countries who download apps everyday, top 10 most app-crazed countries, categories and app highlights. Check it out! Source

Global Design Trends 2011

Global Design Trends 2011

June 9, 2013

After 8 years, 17 million images and over 200 million downloads, Shutterstock has become one of the world’s leading marketplaces for visual media. We have artists and photographers from more than 100 countries, and customers in more than 150. Source

Shadeland Studios: 2011 in Numbers

Shadeland Studios: 2011 in Numbers

May 20, 2013

We have created an graphic that represents data from our website over the span of 2011 as well as a few numbers from the life span of the company. Source

Worldwide Mobile Application Store Downloads and Revenue

Worldwide Mobile Application Store Downloads and Revenue

May 19, 2013

This infographic provides predictions for the number of app store downloads in 2011. It provides statistics for app store downloads and revenues. Finally it provides a graph to show the annual growth of app store downloads. Source

Google Earth

Google Earth

December 8, 2012

Providing context was key to the success of this project. One billion downloads is difficult to visualize, but comparing that figure to the population of Africa gives viewers a better sense what that means. Our team then selected the “Around the world in 60 seconds” concept to add a story-telling dimension to the infographic while […]

Talking Tom 2

Talking Tom 2

June 20, 2012

This infographic provides information for Talking Talk 2, one of the most popular applications on the web. It provides numerical information for number of downloads of Talking Tom 2 app and the level of popularity. Source