Should You Hire or Contract Your Marketing department

April 29, 2014

Determining the right marketing needs for your organization requires a balance of different considerations: size, cost, skills, and tacit industry knowledge. This is why it is often a difficult decision for marketing execs to find the precise solution for their department. To discover whether it’s better to hire a full-time, in-house marketing team or to […]


Indian Companies Spending More on Digital

February 11, 2014

Research by Waggener Edstrom shows that marketers in India are increasingly spending their money and effort on digital outreach. Source


The History Of HiFi

January 7, 2014

High fidelity sound has had a tumultuous journey from its birth in the early part of the 20th century to its rebirth in the form of high quality digital music. Here is a look at the ups and downs in the short history of HiFi. Source


Businesses Waste $10,375/Person /Year On Distractions

January 4, 2014

According to a recent industry survey, businesses waste $10,375 per person, per year on workplace distractions, more than the average US driver will spend to own and maintain their car. The majority of these distractions are digital. Source


A day in the digital life [INFOGRAPHICS] | The Tech Check

December 31, 2013

This info graphic is about the technology that we are connected in our daily life.It shows that how we are surrounded through the digital life or through the technology.It shows the graphic style that in a day in the life of an individual, and see how we are “Always Connected.” Source


Content Matrix

December 6, 2013

A break down of how different forms of content can be viewed when planning marketing and PR activity Source


Publishing and Vertical Integration. Examples of what might be seen in 1800, 1930, and 2010

November 24, 2013

Every company must focus its time and resources on specific areas in order to be effective. Publishing is no different. Each publishing house can chose to how intensely to focus on each specific area but every publishing house must have resources to adequately acquire appropriate titles, edit, design, market, produce, and distribute books. As the […]


The Digital Wallet and the Future of Payments

November 2, 2013

With increasing availability of broadband networks and mobile devices, new payment methods are becoming easier to use than cash or check. Will we soon see the end of the traditional credit card? Maybe not right away, but overtime online and mobile payments are expected to replace plastic all together. Source


How Brands Listen in the Digital Age

October 20, 2013

In the age of Facebook and cloud computing, listening to customers is more important than ever. It sounds simple enough, but there are tweets, online comments, and various other channels of digital communication to pay attention to. This infographic explores how organizations have implemented listening and digital engagement to reap the benefits of web 2.0. […]

Samsung SXSWi Social Media Hub

Samsung SXSWi Social Media Hub

September 24, 2013

SXSWi is more than just another conference. Rather, it is a cultural epicenter where tomorrow’s digital and social media trends emerge. It was in this spirit that Samsung envisioned the Social Media Hub. Designed to help connect technology enthusiasts near and far to the most engaging and relevant content, people, topics and locations, the Samsung […]

The Modern Media Agency

The Modern Media Agency

September 11, 2013

Television isn’t the only medium advertisers focus on these days when it comes to marketing to consumers. Now social media sites and other digital outlets are the main focus when marketers are brainstorming new ad campaigns. This infographic looks at what is in and what’s out when it comes to marketing strategies. Source

The Power of Slacktivism

The Power of Slacktivism

August 21, 2013

Slacktivists have had a huge impact on issues as varied as reversing bank fees to halting dolphin slaughter. Have you seen in it action? We want to know what you think: Is slacktivism the future of social change, or a lot of hot air? Source