Hi. And a little “Why We’re Here.”

September 8, 2013

So clearly a blog should have been set up ages ago. Or sooner. But time being the finite resource it is we’re just getting around to it now. Going forward I’ll make a point to post news, opinions, and ideas here; and I’ll nag the heck out of the other CASH folks, the board, and […]

The Fragmented World of Digital Music

The Fragmented World of Digital Music

April 3, 2013

The evolution of how we consume music has come along way since the days of gramophones and crackly records. But now with the onset of piracy and instant streaming available to anyone with an internet connection, what has become of the stability of the industry and the fullness of artists’ pockets? Source


The Music Industry & Online Piracy

February 9, 2013

A worldwide business of over 60 billion dollars per year, the music industry claims to be a huge victim of online piracy. What do the numbers actually say? Source