Facts About The Mouth

Facts About The Mouth

March 10, 2013

Ever wonder why your breath smells so bad…or just how many taste buds you have? Well if those questions have ever crossed your mind, worry no more. The peeps at Dental Hygienists Schools have put together a quick “cheat-sheet” all out the mouth and contains some interesting facts you might want to know about. Source

Oral Systemic Connection

Is Your Mouth Making You Sick?

September 13, 2012

This infographic is from Atlanta Dental Spa, 3189 Maple Dr NE, Atlanta GA 30305, 404-816-2230. There are about 600 different strains of bacteria in your mouth.  Some of which control the natural environment in your mouth.  Others, if they populate in greater numbers can cause a host of problems. Not just to your teeth and […]