Japan: The Global Economy

Japan: The Global Economy’s Elephant in the Room

November 7, 2012

What we see from the chart below should be causing our early-warning systems to shift into full air-raid mode. Not only is the bubble representing Japan’s debt crisis a big giant outlier, it looks just overripe enough to burst. Or, as John Mauldin put’s it in his book, The End Game: “Japan is a bug […]

The 2011 Federal Budget In Pictures

The 2011 Federal Budget In Pictures

September 12, 2012

This is a unique moment in American history—a tipping point that will determine whether we pull our nation back from the brink of financial collapse. Spending has risen to unprecedented levels—threatening limited government and economic freedom. The Heritage Foundation’s 2011 Federal Budget in Pictures paints a clear picture of how much the federal government is […]