UK Advertising Rich List

June 21, 2014

The UK advertising rich list 2012 visualises the billings of the top 20 UK media, creative and digital agencies. Source


The Designer Guide To Data Visualization

January 13, 2014

A useful chart was put together to serve as a guide when working with data visualization. Look at it as a “What is Data Visualization?” guide. Depending on which way you angle the infographic, you will get different results. It all depends from what angle you wish to showcase your data. Source

Infographic data visualization

Infographic data visualization

October 11, 2013

This is a Introduction poster for my Project 365 Graphical degree Project 2010. Each pyramids represents the amount of data collected for each month and the colors is categorized in 12 different months. A statistics charts is accompany by the poster to create an overview of information of the design. Source

Pushing Infographics Too Far? The Ford Fusion Competition

Pushing Infographics Too Far? The Ford Fusion Competition

October 10, 2013

The concept of visualization as a medium is great, but how far can information graphics be pushed until it falls off the cliff? The Fusion 41 Competition [] is a recent example of the world of advertising focusing on the visual attraction of data visualization. The competition “amassed a wealth of raw data generated from […]

Samsung SXSWi Hub

Samsung SXSWi Hub

July 6, 2013

This visualization comes from the bustling SXSWi festival in Austin, where Samsung tapped JESS3 to visualize the best social activity captured on their 12-screen media wall in the heart of the Austin Convention Center and online Social Media Hub. It shows the number of tweets, check-ins, the most used hash tags for the leading panels […]

Army Gender Expectations Infographic

Army Gender Expectations Infographic

June 29, 2013

Last week Flux Magazine, a University of Oregon student publi­cation, posted a story which included this info­graphic I designed. This is my first “official” info­graphic and I’m happy with the way it turned out. There’s defi­nitely room for improvement and, in retro­spect, there are better ways in which I could have repre­sented this infor­mation. I’ve […]


data vis Empire State of Mind

March 5, 2013

Based on the song – Empire State of Mind Source


The Debt Ceiling

February 9, 2013

Years of overspending have caused our national debt to explode. The national debt is subject to a legal limit determined by Congress. As Washington spends at a faster and faster rate, the debt ceiling has been raised with increased frequency. Source


What is Data Visualization?

February 3, 2013

In essence, data visualization is a new pluri-disciplinary domain, where different expertises blend and overlap — it mixes different perspectives, and that is what we wanted to represent. Source


Financial Infographics (US)

January 11, 2013

These data visuals contain financial statistics ranging from taxes, debt, expenditure and bankruptcy. Most of the financial infographics contain data mainly about the US but a few are composed of global information. Note that some of the statistics vary over the same subject due to when each of the infographics were made and their time […]

Most Popular Infographics

Most Popular Infographics

December 8, 2012

A satirical rundown of the most commonly used styles of data representation in infographics across the web. Source

Night Lights

Night Lights

November 25, 2012

15″ X 20″ Mechanical Plotter + Black Bic Pen Prints, Edition of 30. Edition created for the 2011 MFA Print Portfolio themed Blackout Night Lights is a data visualization using information collected by NOAA Satellite and Information Service. The data was reinterpreted and printed with black Bic pen via mechanical plotter showing the blackout that […]