Powering the Cloud

June 21, 2014

Every time you use your smartphone to share your location, add a photo or check your bank, your device talks to a data center, this infographic provides detailed information about the capacity of the data centers. It gives an overview for the energy data centers consume, the impact of data centers have, and how to […]


Powering the cloud

November 3, 2013

“The cloud” continues to play an increasingly important part in our lives, allowing us to communicate with friends, collaborate with colleagues and to manage our increasingly digital lives. However, the vast data centers which power this technology consume significant amounts of energy and account for an estimated 2 percent of global carbon emissions.

Infographic: Powering the Cloud

Infographic: Powering the Cloud

July 14, 2012

Everytime you upload a video, share a photo, email a friend, tweet your location or check your bank balan your web device talks to a data center. Rows of servers storing trillions of megabytes of information live in vast, energy hungry computing complexes that power the Web.