Largest Data Breaches Of All Time

June 29, 2014

As Sony deals with their most recent data breach of one million passwords, we look at the the largest data loss incidents on record, according to DataLossDB. Source


The Cost of Stolen Laptops Tablets and Smartphones

February 23, 2014

When your laptop, smart phones and tablets get stolen or lost, you lose much more than the cost of the tool. This infographic provides information about how people can unlock and breach your personal information if your technological tools get into other people’s hands. It also provides a list of recommended practices to secure mobile […]


The history of backup tape

January 14, 2014

Few would buy a USB stick to backup irreplaceable family photos after discovering that it would fail to restore those treasured memories 77% of the time. Yet, astonishingly,a popular backup method for UK organisations has exactly this failure rate. The culprit? Tape – a relic of the 1950s,is stilla widely used medium for backing up […]