Shop Safe On a Black Friday and a Cyber Monday

July 31, 2014

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the biggest shopping days in the United States, with all these transactions it’s important to keep your financial information safe. This infographic shows ten tips on how to protect your identity and financial information during these shopping days. Source


2011 Ipswitch Announces Holiday Shopping Poll Results

July 1, 2014

WhatsUp Gold’s most recent survey of some of its 100,000 customers asked how long employees are spending shopping online leading up to the holidays. Shopping online is becoming the de facto route of choice for many during the festive season – comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, earlier reported that holiday season spending […]


Holiday Shopping Online

April 23, 2014

This infographic provides numerical information for online shopping from 2005 until 2010. It shows the amount spent online during Black Friday for each year and shows what the biggest online shopping days are each year. Finally it explains what the terms Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Biggest Day mean Source


UK Christmas Shopping in 2011

March 24, 2014

It seems many of us go all out for the festive season; spending our hard earned pounds on ourselves and our nearest and dearest. Here are some of our favourite Christmas shopping statistics. Source


The Commerce of Christmas

December 6, 2013

We’ve all seen the Black Friday rush and the news reports of skyrocketing Cyber Monday sales and felt the pressure to spend, spend, spend over the holidays. But how do these numbers really add up? Source

Shopping for the Holiday Season: What Online retailers should know

October 3, 2013

With Cyber Monday behind us, many retailers are still reeling from the high traffic and sales that were condensed into a four-day weekend. Even customers are recovering from the barrage of Blyber weekend (the period between and including Black Friday and Cyber Monday) ads and promotions. However, the shopping season isn’t over yet and many […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping

May 12, 2013

The days immediately following Thanksgiving kick off the beginning of the holiday shopping season and are some of the busiest days of the year for retail sales. Retailers offer some of their best deals of the year in order to lure in shoppers and shoppers often camp out for hours to score the most popular […]


The Cyber Thieves That Stole Christmas

January 28, 2013

With the shopping “holidays” of Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner, the National Retail Federation predicts that up to 152 million people will be hitting stores looking for deals. Source


Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Hacks and Scams

January 20, 2013

The holiday season signals the time of year when consumers are often at the highest risk of falling victim to hackers and scammers whose schemes can fool even the most experienced online shoppers. This infographic advises web merchants and consumers on how to avoid Black Friday and Cyber Monday attacks. Source


Black Friday Mayhem

January 20, 2013

Infographic of how Black Friday and Cyber Monday played out on Social Media platforms. Source


The 2011 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Savings Guide

January 16, 2013

The 2011 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Savings Guide Source


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are an Economic Fail

January 8, 2013

This is not the season for extravagant gifts, and the idea that such things will stimulate the economy may only make you more broke. Our new infographic explores why holiday shopping isn’t doing the trick as well as new gift ideas for a down economy. Source