The Virtuous Cycle of Customer Care

June 1, 2014

Long-term success begins with the elevation of your front-line employees to positions of respect, backed up with training and leadership that understands how important they are. Give your employees this training, great tools to enable them to offer efficient and thoughtful service and support to your customers, and watch what the virtuous cycle can do. […]


A Closer Look at Zendesk’s 10000 Customers

December 28, 2013

Remember when we told you how we reached the awesome milestone of 10,000 customers? It was awesome, wasn’t it? Opportunities for Chris Farley references aside, we thought you’d appreciate a detailed look at our customer base; one that shows where our customers are located and what industries they span. Source



July 21, 2013

It’s in the facts: Research proves a measurable payoff exists of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to companies as well as their stakeholders. Here is an infographic that explains everything. Source

Inside the Mind of a Customer Support Agent

Inside the Mind of a Customer Support Agent

March 28, 2013

Customer Support Agents wear a lot of hats – problem solver, watchful eye, technical guru, and supreme multi tasker, to name a few. We imagine what it may look like under all those hats and inside the mind of a support agent.