Group Buying M&A 2010-2011

June 1, 2014

While daily deal M&A activity has climbed, valuation multiples have plummeted and investor confidence in the space is waning. When applying M&A transaction valuation multiples to Groupon and LivingSocial, the two are significantly below previously speculated valuation ranges. Source


Customers Embrace Mobile Couponing

February 13, 2014

While the coupon format may have morphed from pieces of paper shoppers cut out of the weekly circular to digital scans they store in their trusty smartphones, their popularity continues. Chew on these stats: 20% of smartphone users redeem mobile coupons and that number is expected to increase to 30% in 2013. Source


Policing Returns: Why the Merry Seasons returns won’t be easy

January 21, 2014

Americans hoping to return unwanted holiday gifts may encounter a bigger hassle than originally anticipated. In fact, instead of relaxing their return policies, some retailers are actually putting firmer rules in place for after-holiday store returns. Here, we take a look at why the hassle-free return may be as good as gone. Source


“The Evolution of the Digital Coupon”

December 28, 2013

With the unprecedented growth of couponing in the past decade, digital coupons and daily deal sites have evolved and are utilizing Social-Local-Mobile strategy to target its ideal market and allow the ideal consumer to find them. Therefore, the leading online community for digital coupons, has used its expertise to dissect the elements of this […]


Let’s Get Physical: America’s Re…

June 21, 2013

With the fridge finally free of holiday leftovers, most Americans make the dreaded resolution to shed the pesky pounds they inevitably gained over the last few months. Vowing to be in beter shape than the year before, U.S. adults swear their fitness oaths loud and clear at local gyms. But how many actually stick to […]


Coupon Use Is On The Rise

February 11, 2013

Many people look at coupons and wonder whether or not it is worth it clip them. Even the most frugal of us might have doubts. After all, how much could you really be saving. You might be surprised at how much you could save if you took the time to actually clip coupons. Source

Cupid Or Stupid?

Cupid Or Stupid?

May 10, 2012

Despite sweaty palms, nervous chatter, and butterflies, we all attempt to be our most impressive selves on a first date. The countless guidelines and dos and don’ts can seem overwhelming. Here we explore whether or not the current economy has altered the rules, and the survey below reveals our thoughts on bringing along a coupon […]