Mercado de cosmética

April 19, 2013

Cosmetics market will grow 15% this year. Mercado de cosmética crecerá 15% este año. Source


Skin Care Treatments for Dark Skin

January 3, 2013

This infographic lists popular makeup companies for brown skin as well as popular skin care treatments and solutions for dark skin, black skin and deeper skin tones. Source


The Top 10 Ways Consumers Get Ripped-Off

December 20, 2012

Ever think you’re getting ripped off? You’re probably right. A wide range of products in the United States qualify as rip-offs. Everything from the popcorn you buy at the movies to the diamonds you purchase for your engagement come with sky-high markups. At the risk of angering consumers across the country, here are the top […]

Fatal Attraction Cosmetics & Chemicals

Fatal Attraction Cosmetics & Chemicals

November 9, 2012

Some cosmetics are NOT subject to FDA approval. Here’s a must-read infographic about cosmetics and chemicals. Source